FAB28 Industries exists with one goal in mind: creating exhaust systems that make the riding experience more visceral. The sound of that V-Twin bellowing off the walls of a canyon, or off the trees in the backwoods of middle America is a sound that all riders know and love. A free flowing FAB28 exhaust allows the true character of your bike's engine to come out, while also squeezing almost 8% more power out of it in the process.

Our shop is based right out of Pittsburg California. All of our systems are designed, machined, fabricated, assembled and shipped from our shop. We aren't just another large volume distributor, we are true enthusiasts that live and breathe motorcycles. Every exhaust that we ship out is hand assembled by someone who loves riding just as much as you. Riding has always been about more than just the bikes. It's about the sense of community and freedom..

The origin story of FAB28 is one that spans nearly 4 decades. It all started in the late 1980's with a single Honda CRX that I owned. Performance parts for these cars were not common at the time so I spent lots of time in the garage modifying parts for domestic cars to fit the CRX platform. The fascination with motorcycles was always there as well all starting from a Yamaha YSR50.

I was one of the pioneers that built and documented the Toyota 7AGE engine. This started as just a theoretical idea that transformed into a full fledged functioning performance engine that used a Toyota 7AFE 1.8 liter block, a Toyota 4AGE 1.6 liter Twin Cam head, and a Porsche 924 timing belt. This is still a popular modification to this day.

In the exhaust space, FAB28 got its unofficial start building headers for various JDM imports over the years. The motorcycle passion was always still there, it just lied dormant until 2014. In 2014, I got my first Harley Streetglide. At the time, the concept of performance baggers was far from mainstream. With my background in sport bikes and imports, I wanted a bagger with a performance exhaust, suspension, and brakes. Unfortunately, at the time nothing like that was available. 

I knew we could build something great, by 2015 I had our first prototype finished and a handful of systems built for friends. By October of that year FAB28 was officially born. Orders started coming in after we were featured in a 2016 Hot Bike magazine article. At this point FAB28 was still just me, a one man show working out of a 400sq ft. garage after coming home from work. In May 2016, I quit my job and poured every penny I had into FAB28 and bootstrapped the company. Since then, we have experienced exceptional growth and we have built a name for ourselves in the industry. Our client list includes notable individuals like Jon Bernthal, David Bautista, Cary Hart, Killer Mike, PINK, Oakley and even Kristi Noem. We also have riders that have won in both the Summer and Winter X-Games using our exhaust system.

In just a few years FAB28 went from a hobby to a full time business with our international presence reaching as far as Australia and Thailand. We continue to push the boundaries of performance exhausts and we cannot wait to show you some of the new things we are working on.

-Jay, Founder of FAB28

Take an exclusive look behind the doors of Fab28 Industries to see what we are all about. From our day to day manufacturing and quality control to a full company spotlight with our founder. At FAB28, we don't just churn out hundreds of exhausts everyday. We are artisans, we hand craft and hand assemble each of our systems entirely in-house. From our day to day grind to a real behind the scenes look into our company ethos.